Each of our sections finish of with a recap video. You might feel it's unnecessary to watch them. If so, feel free to skip them completely. They are there, however, should you ever want to come back to a topic and run through it again really quickly.

All videos have English subtitles. To turn the subtitles on

  1. hover over the video with your cursor;
  2. you'll see a bar at the bottom of the video that allows you to pause it. Along the same bar, you'll see the icon for closed captioning (cc).
  3. press the closed captioning icon; and
  4. select English.

The content of this course has been updated to match the new traffic law that took effect on June 1, 2020.

Please note that some of the links we provide to Traficom's services throughout this tutorial seem to redirect to Traficom's main page. If the link does that, try copying the link we provide and pasting it to the address field of your browser.

Four wheels in Finland registration certificate technical part.pdf
Four wheels in Finland registration certificate notification part.pdf

In the course of this tutorial you'll see images of Finnish traffic signs. Those are courtesy of Väylä, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

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