Finding your salary range in Finland

Learn how to use data to get to your salary range

In Finland, no matter how infuriating it is, job ads very rarely state the salary of the open position. Rather, job applicants are very often asked to name their own salary request in their application letter. This can be difficult especially if you are new to the Finnish job market. But don't worry, we at Finnwards are here to help you!

We made this free video to teach you how to use the two most reliable open sources on Finnish salaries. Just sign up and let us help you!

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Minna and Heidi, the two co-founders of Finnwards, have made it their mission to help you build a fulfilling and joyous life here in Finland. To accomplish this, they have built a series of courses that guide you through different aspects of Finnish life. With their research skills you can rest assured that each tidbit of information is well-sourced. The voice you hear and the face you see is that of Minna although the courses themselves could have created by either one of them or by both of them jointly.

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  Finding your salary range
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